"I Do, Me Too" Bride & Groom Hanger Set
"I Do, Me Too" Bride & Groom Hanger Set

"I Do, Me Too" Bride & Groom Hanger Set

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Bride & Groom Couple's Hanger Set 

One says "I Do" and one says "Me Too"

This hanger set makes a wonderful wedding keepsake or gift for the new Mr. & Mrs. These personalized wooden hangers are perfect to hang your wedding dress & Tuxedo or suit on, and they make fantastic photo props for your wedding day! 

This set come with one black hanger (with pant bar) and one white hanger with notches for a strapless dress (no pant bar). You get to choose the font that matches your style! 

Each hanger is made from natural hardwood and expertly laser engraved with the design you choose Customize with your wedding date and name as well! These hangers are durable, high quality, can be easily packed in a suitcase, and travel well. You will not have the problem of bending or miss shaping like the hangers personalized with wire.

- Hangers measures 17" with slanted arms designed to be gentle on delicate fabrics
- Premium quality painted hardwood
- Classic chrome swivel hook for strength & durability
- Comes in a set of two hangers